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Post by soundandfury87 on 06/03/16, 12:03 pm

Picture: You have all the wonderful resources of the internet, try and find a suitable character picture
Name: We're in a low fantasy medieval setting, probably something Western European
Age: 18-60ish

Archetype: Sum your intended role up in 2-3 words. (e.g. "Archer/Tracker" "Brawler")

Proficient Traits
Physical: An area your character excels in physically (Climbing, Swimming, Cardio, etc)
Mental: (Strong willed, Intelligent, etc)
Combat: Your particular fighting style, or lack thereof
Utility: Your area of specalization outside of fighting (Tracking, Alchemy, Subterfuge, etc)

Negative Traits

Equipment: Keep it to clothing, personal weapons, and things you carry on yourself.

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Character sheet
Character Name: Dungeon Master
Player Name: Matthew Collins
Character Archetype: Game Operational Director (GOD)

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Character Creation Empty Re: Character Creation

Post by GoldenArbiter on 06/03/16, 12:45 pm

A character sheet can be found under your profile, called 'Character Sheet'

William Arseneau

For ease of access to dice rolling:
Insert D100 or D6 between quote marks, and place the roll function on same line.

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Character sheet
Character Name: Erik Genericson
Player Name: William Arseneau
Character Archetype: 'Cleric'

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