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Fate Points & Action Dice Empty Fate Points & Action Dice

Post by soundandfury87 on 07/03/16, 02:41 pm

Fate Points

We will be playing with three Fate points this game, however there is going to be a slight twist on this. Due to the lack of concrete "Sessions" in the game, you will get a single fate point back every time you rest/sleep following an encounter. You can not go above three, or below zero obviously.
Other then that fate points will work as usual. If you throw a brutal roll, you can state you are using a fate point and re-roll it. You keep the second result, even if it is worse.
You may never re-roll, a re-roll.

Action Dice

We will be playing this campaign with the addition of the Action Dice to spice things up for people feeling like taking a risk. Any time you are asked to roll a D100, you may additionally state you are using an Action Dice, and roll a D6.
The Action Dice adds a secondary effect to your roll based on two conditions.
If you roll a 1, a negative effect will be added to the result of your D100 role. An example of this would be succeeding an attack, piercing an opponent, but then wounding a comrade or civilian on the other side.
Conversely, a 6 on the action dice will add a positive result to your role. Again, even if your initial role was a failure, your arrow that has missed could cut a rope, blocking the escape path of a retreating enemy.
Rolling a 2-5 has no effect.
This system does allow for double positive, and double negative results. So you could very well miss an enemy AND wound a comrade. Use discretion.

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