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Post by GoldenArbiter on 06/03/16, 09:12 pm

In order to use the dice roller function you must be slightly familiar with BBCode. The format for the two dice is as follows:

The two dice in this game are the D6 and the D100.

example using
Edit: The code ^ keeps adding '==' to the end of the number. As far as I know, this is not neccissary.
GoldenArbiter carried out 1 launched of one D100 (Image not informed.) :

Please note, if you edit your post, it will re-roll your dice. Do not edit a post with a dice roll in it, unless you also state what the dice were rolled at.

William Arseneau

For ease of access to dice rolling:
Insert D100 or D6 between quote marks, and place the roll function on same line.

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